Sweat-O-Pause Discreet Cooling Scarf
A fashionable, hot flash solution!  This cooling scarf reduces your temperature instantly by up to 30%!
Finally a fashionable, discreet hot flash solution- Instantly lower your body temperature by up to 30% & receive up to 30% when we're live!
Goodbye embarrassing hot flashes. Hello instant, fashionable relief.
Cools up to 30%
Simply wet the fabric, wave or snap in the air and wear to keep cool.  Re-wet as needed.
Perfect for any Occasion
Transform your look with a fashionable and functional cooling scarf.  Tie around your neck, wrap around your wrist or fasten to your purse.
100% Machine Washable
The durable fabric and high quality construction is made to withstand countless washings and completely chemically free. 
Hey Hot Lady! Me and the other 37 million women in our club know how distracting and irritating a hot flash can be. To say they're uncomfortable is like saying an underwire bra is fun to wear... Sweat-O-Pause to the rescue! No pills, no cold water baths in a public sink, and best of all, discreet relief. Sweat-O-Pause cools instantly while being fashionable from work to wine night. Sign up to receive 30% off early bird discounts when our Kickstarter campaign launches!

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